For our Individual Investor Friends from The Truth Central!

There’s a Newly Available, Patented Technology Designed to help you
independently evaluate the quality of investment recommendations you’re getting and
better select the mutual funds and ETFs that are best for you.

Whether you are a wealthy investor, with an investment advisor and millions of dollars in mutual funds and ETFs, or you’re a small investor without enough investable assets to get the help of an advisor, or you have all your retirement investments in an IRA or 401(k), you are going to need our “Retail Investment Tracking Application℠” (“Rita℠”). Here’s why:

With nearly 30,000 mutual funds and ETF’s, and hundreds of track-able performance parameters, there has been no way (not even for your investment advisor and/or broker) to comparatively evaluate such a large number of choices to answer this key question: “Of all the available choices, which ones are best for me?”  That is, until now.

Even investors with advisors are almost entirely dependent on the recommendations of that single advisor, with no meaningful way to determine how good those investment recommendations are. All too often those recommendations prove disappointing. It’s worse yet, if you are depending on the recommendations of a securities broker who has an incentive to recommend choices paying the highest commissions.

The unique new solution?
Self-empowerment with Rita℠.

Rita℠ enables you to select, weight, and blend up to 24 performance factors, to easily score and rank hundreds of mutual funds and ETFs, in mere moments, in a way never before available. Rita℠ will help you identify those that have proven best over time at producing the investment results you are seeking.  Rita℠ also effectively filters out all conflicts of interest and permanently frees you from worrying that you may be getting steered to the highest commission choices.

But don’t take our word for it!
Seeing is Believing.

You can use a free version of the Rita℠ to test how well your mutual funds and ETFs compare with other available choices.  See for yourself how much better you might have been able to do, and might be able to do in the future, with the help of Rita℠. 

You’ll be glad you did!